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    ThermiSense Oral/Nasal Cannula

    Brand: Picture for manufacturer Salter Labs
    ThermiSense Oral/Nasal Cannulas features a patented holder that works well with Salters ThermiSense thermistor.
    SKU: ThermiSense Oral/Nasal
    It is available with and without filters for pressure ETCO2 as well as sizes for adult and pediatric patients.
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    SL-57557.jpg SL-57557 ThermiSense Oral/Nasal Cannula, Pediatric, w/ 7' tube & 7' ETCO2 without Filter Qty 25 0
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    SL-57617.jpg SL-57617 ThermiSense Oral/Nasal Cannula, Adult, w/ 7' tube without Filter Qty 25 0
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